Decorative Wall Ideas for a Unique Kitchen Style

If furniture is taking a considerable part of the decorating style of the kitchen, the decoration of the walls is equally important. To add a unique style to your kitchen, we invite you to discover 10 ideas to redecorate your kitchen walls and give this place a nice new look. In interior decoration, letters are a real decorative asset. In the kitchen, you can use letters that come in very large sizes to dress the walls and deliver a funny message like “Bon Appétit” or “yum” or even to define the spaces when they are open to each other with words like “kitchen” or “Bar”. To express yourself while using the walls of the kitchen as a reminder, you can choose the chalkboard paint that allows you to write on the walls; recipes, shopping lists, menus, or phone numbers will be the decoration of the walls! If your kitchen has a rustic atmosphere, walls can help you complete this style.

For example, you can opt for wood to cover one of the walls; in this case you have got several options like the wallpaper that imitates wood or even PVC paneling for more true imitation, but remember to avoid installing wood on all walls to avoid asphyxiation. For a natural yet very fashionable look, stone is the choice; it may be installed on a wall in the kitchen or to dress the space between lower and upper furniture which is actually the better choice as it gives the whole kitchen a charming natural ambience while keeping on its stylish look. Know that you can opt for ceramics that exactly imitate the look of stone for the kitchen as it is easier to be cleaned and less expensive than natural stone. To boost the kitchen’s look, nothing’s better than colors. If your kitchen furniture has a neutral color like white, for example, you can choose to vibrate the kitchen ambience using a strong color like orange, for example, to cover the walls. You may also prefer to use more than one color to dress the walls of the kitchen and give it a funnier and shinier style.

Note that your kitchen walls can have a very decorative look using the simplest ways; for example, you can still use tiles but in a different color than the kitchen furniture to create a stylish contrast. To create a very modern style in your kitchen, today, there are very unique models of backsplashes that will create a surprise in your kitchen just like the model with LED lights that will illuminate the worktop and give the whole kitchen an ultra-modern ambience. If you are looking for an original style in your kitchen, you can choose to dress the walls with wallpapers which are very trendy and available in a wide range of colors and motifs that will allow you to give the kitchen any look you want; this choice could also be the most practical as wallpapers are the easiest to install, and most of all able to be changed any time to change the kitchen’s ambience according to the season, for example.

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