DKNY Spring/Summer Kids’ Clothing

This collection from DKNY may interest you if you are looking for sportive pants and winter accessories for your kids. DKNY’s collection includes many sportive pants in stylish grey color in different styles and sizes; leggings are made of cotton with stud details which are available in sizes 2 and 4 years, also a2 and a6 years. Also the pants with elastic band on the ankle and buttons or DKNY logo on the waist look stylish and trendy; those ones are 100% made of cotton and available in sizes 3 and 8 years. This collection also includes a long-sleeved shirt made of modal and having a nice loose effect, this grey shirt is available in sizes from 8 to 16 years. Besides shirts and pants, DKNY offers some lovely winter accessories for your kids such as this fashionable hat made of viscose and polyamide in black & grey with ribbed hem and stud details, also the black gloves with grey ribbed hem are made of the same materials and with the same stud details on the hands.

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