Double Breasted Suits for Men

Double breasted suits are one of the oldest suit designs ever known. They have been worn by men from the 1930s and lasted for many decades afterwards. But with time, double breasted suits started losing their fashion and were rarely seen worn by men, many shops don’t include double breasted suits in their fashion line as well. But nowadays, they are starting to be back in fashion again with a more trendy cut to go with today’s style. Double breasted suits have two layers overlapping, commonly with two vertical rows of buttons that can reach up to six buttons, at 3 rows where the outer 3 buttons are fastened and they can have an inner button to adjust the overlapping side. Some trendy double breasted suits only have 4 buttons at two rows, where 2 buttons are to be fastened, and there are two buttons at the top that do not function in fastening, they are just used for decoration to get the classical look of that type of suits. Double breasted suits are known to go better with taller men, where many buttons are spread with their long torso, while it doesn’t give a great look with short men. Double breasted suits can be plain, plaid or striped, and can be made of different materials like wool. They can have side vents or centre vents, and they are available in many colors like black, brown, navy, and grey or charcoal.

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