Dreamy Dressing Room Designs from Quadro

To make storing clothes a pleasant thing to do, you need a perfect dressing room where there is a specific place for each piece of clothing, each piece of accessory, and most of all where the decorative look is before all considered. Quadro, the leading furniture manufacturer expert in customized furniture, presents to us a collection of dreamy dressing room designing ideas in different models and styles to suit all interior spaces and layouts. Thanks to the ability of customization offered by Quadro, the dressing can perfectly match with the shape and layout of your room. So your wardrobe can be as deep as you want to create good space for clothes. To make your dressing a decorative part of your room, you will find a multitude of finishes that will create your style from wood doors to interior structures, you can choose everything! Quadro presents a super star large dressing room design that looks so elegant; it includes a dressing table and offers a well thought storage space where everything has its special place; shoes, hats, and even handbags will be beautifully highlighted.

In another model, Quadro presents an example of how a contemporary dressing room has to look like; with its modern and trendy decorating style, the dressing fits easily with any contemporary interior thanks to its trendy taupe colors and sleek lines. When closed, the dressing seems to be a simple closet; discreet and elegant. Your dressing can also be integrated into a wall storage system. The dressing then will be installed in the middle of the wall shelves for a very graphic look; storage is perfectly optimized over the entire surface. In some other designs from Quadro, the dressing includes an office, if you can’t find a place for your home workplace. If you do not have the space for a separate dressing room, Quadro offers many storage systems that can take place in the bedroom by providing plenty of storage units that will be installed along the wall. Conversely, if you have a good sized room dedicated to dressing, it can then take the appearance of a clothing store; you can even place a storage counter in the center of the dressing. Finally, thanks to the many possible finishes, the dressing can also be integrated into a wide corridor to offer you the maximum storage space suitable for your needs.

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