Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Your Easter Table

The ancient Egyptians have created the Easter feast to celebrate the spring season, and till now we are used to celebrating this day as it represents the coming of the joyful season and the end of the cold winter season. Easter is a day that is related by two things: eggs and colors; what could be better than colors to celebrate the pretty springy days? In this post, we are going to show you a big variety of ideas to decorate your Easter table using eggs, flowers, candles and many other items… enjoy! Easter is the best occasion to use colors; enjoy decorating your Easter table with all the spring colors. Satisfy your eyes, if you have been bored of the cold winter atmosphere for a long time, with the joy of mixing pretty & cheerful colors in different tones & shades. Play on the combination between the colors of flowers, the tablecloth color, the egg decorations and the other accessories such as table utensils or candles for example. If you like to have fun with your kids in this sunny day, don’t hesitate to buy the special hygienic colors and enjoy coloring eggs in different patterns then use these eggs in decorating your Easter table. If you prefer to innovate in your Easter table decoration, there are many original ideas in the pictures below to inspire you; you can use the egg as a vase where you add little pretty flowers for example, you can even use the egg box in the table decoration! All depends on your creativity; and the best news is that there is no limit! You can use any color you like, you can multiply colors as you wish and you can mix all tones, items and materials. The most important thing is that, whatever you do, you make sure to enter the joy and delight into your house to feel the spirit and the sweetness of spring.

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