Elegant Leather Sofas for All Decorating Styles

Who said leather sofas are only reserved for classic interiors? Now, new leather sofas find their place in any decorating style with original shapes and various finishes. Discover 10 elegant leather sofas in 10 different styles. Leather can be easily incorporated in a contemporary interior thanks to its timeless character. Choose your leather sofa in a black color to match with the contemporary look of your living room and with a quite linear design to meet the clean lines of furniture. If you live in a loft, a leather sofa is for you. Focus in this case on a standard & timeless design in a patina brown color.

If your living room has a beautiful stone wall and wooden furniture, the leather sofa should be chosen in a quite chic style like the designs inspired by the English club style. Opt for dark & shiny leather and maintain it to keep on its beautiful finish. If your decoration has an antique style, focus on a sofa design in vintage leather to create a very chic ambience. Leather does not necessarily create a masculine atmosphere. If you choose a sofa in well-rounded white leather and then accessorize it with cushions in delicate colors like purple, you will get a very charming feminine look in your living room.

For interiors in a pop style, you’ll find leather sofas in very original shapes. You can choose a design with very round armrests with a bicolor finish and then decorate it with cushions in tangy colors; the result is very graphic & stylish. If your home decoration takes a cottage style, a leather sofa is ideal because it will complete the combination of materials provided by wood and imitation fur; you will get a very warm ambience. For a minimalist interior, a leather sofa can come with a very clean design. Opt for a simple design in pure lines and a bright white color to let the sofa be the centerpiece of the décor. For a modern and colorful living room, the leather sofa should be white to highlight the different shades of the décor; opt for a white sofa in modern lines with chrome legs, for example.

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