Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Who said that the wedding day must be all about only the bride, her dress, her hairstyle, her accessories or even her flower bouquet??. What about the groom??!!. So, men decided to change this idea and day after day they become more and more interested about the way they would appear in their wedding day equally like the bride. The groom has very different and multiple hairstyles to choose among them. Let’s make a survey on those wedding hairstyles for men. There are the casual wedding hairstyle, the Retro wedding hairstyle, the formal wedding hairstyle and the long wedding hairstyles. First, the casual wedding hairstyle can suit you when you are intending to have a casual, informal wedding. The casual wedding hairstyle can be one of the following: the longer, tousled hairstyles , the faux hawk spiky  hairstyle and the shaggy hairstyles. Just pick one of those if you having casual, cool and simple wedding. Second, the Retro wedding hairstyle becomes very popular these days as a man’s wedding hairstyle. Although the Retro hairstyle is very ancient, it comes back these days with huge modifications to cope with the new fashion trends. Some of the most famous retro hairstyles are the crew cut hairstyle, the buzz cut hairstyle and the flattop hairstyle. The next hairstyle to talk about is the formal wedding hairstyle. The formal wedding hairstyle is very classic hairstyle. If you tend to have a very formal, classic and fancy wedding, it would be your choice. If you have a long, medium or short hair, you would find your formal suitable hairstyle. Some of the well-known formal hairstyles are: the clean cut hairstyle, the sleek hairstyle and the shiny formal hairstyle with gel. There are some famous celebrity’s formal hairstyles such as: the Tom Welling‘s hairstyle , the George Clooney’s hairstyle and Brad Bett’s hairstyle. Finally, there is the long wedding hairstyles category. Having a long hair is not a problem anymore, there are many suitable wedding hairstyles for long hair and you can attend your wedding with a confident spirit. You can leave it loose, pull it backward and make a ponytail or even make it wavy, curly. Okay, there are a plenty of wedding hairstyles for men, but how to choose your suitable one?. Few steps you have to do before choosing the suitable hairstyle for your wedding: first, choose it suitable for the place of your wedding. Second, choose it suitable for your tux or suit. Third, choose it based on your face and also on your hair length. Finally, choose the haircut that would make you confident, stylish and very trendy too.

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