Emmy Awards 2012 Hairstyles

Hello, ladies, just read on! What’s your huh face for? Maybe the first sentence is not a good way to start any conversation at all, I know that. Honestly, I didn’t find a more direct and suitable introduction than this one! Okay, forget about that nonsense, imaginary discussion and let’s start the real work. What’s today’s topic about? You can get from the title that it’s going to be all about presenting the hairstyles worn by some of our gorgeous female stars on the Emmy Awards 2012 red carpet, but before doing that, allow me to tell you some important things. Firstly, you need to know that these ‘dos are diverse. So what? My dear readers, you know that this word has a lot of meanings such as that these ‘dos range from the long and medium to the short, and it also means that they come in different styles. Since that I said the word “styles”, I have to tell you that some of them have looked spectacular and super sexy while there’re some others which have been so far from that. Of course, between these and those, there’re ones which have looked neither like the first nor the latter. Yet another meaning is that regardless of your age, face shape, hair nature or even style, you can find the hairdo that suits you among them. What a blessing, isn’t it?

What’re the first hairstyles that come across your minds when we say red carpets?! Updos? Definitely, they are! At the 64th Emmy awards ceremony, you can see various styles of them. For example, you can see that many stars like Julianna Margulies, Jena Malone, January Jones, Hayden Panettiere, Tina Fey, Ashley Judd, Lindsay Pulsipher, and others have opted for sporting the classic buns. By the way, I have to tell you that most of them have been slicked back which made them look more tidy and elegant. Besides the knots, you can also see other styles of updos like; the braided, pinned, twisted and others. Let me tell you that some of them had extremely hot and fabulous looks while the others were less seen on any red carpet! I guess that you need to keep that sentence in your mind as it can be said on some of the other hairdos. Of course, you know that some of these updos were placed high, mid height, low, or even swept aside. Ponytails were also among the hairstyles that many stars such as Lucy Liu, Edie Falco, Lena Headey and Kelly Osbourne have worn. Some of these ponys were low while the others were either mid height or side swept. What about the high ones? I don’t recall that I saw them! Maybe, they were worn and I didn’t see them.

The next hairstyles that you can also see on the Emmys red carpet this year are the half updos. Let me tell you that not so many celebrities opted for sporting them. Another thing that I have to tell you is that regardless of being different, these half up-half down hairdos had some things in common like their softness and simplicity. Can you imagine that there would ever be a red carpet without down dos?! Of course not, we all know that stars, especially the long and medium haired ones, always love to charm us with their flowing locks whether they’re straight, curly or wavy. And that’s actually what happened at the Emmys this year. Many female celebs such as Sofia Vergara, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks, Heidi Klum, Mayra Veronica, Morena Baccarin and others wore them. The last mentioned hairstyles mostly suit the long, medium and quite short hair, right? Okay, what about the other haircuts such as the pixies? Didn’t any star wear them on the Emmy awards 2012 red carpet? Ladies, it can’t be at all! There’re some celebs that truly stunned us with their bob, pixie and short cropped cuts such as Ginnifer Goodwin, Lena Dunham and Glenn Close.

I can tell you that we’ve reached the end which means that the farewell is so near after few moments, maybe. What are you going to do during these moments? Actually, I’m going to remind you to keep your facial details and hair nature in your considerations while copycatting any of the last mentioned Emmy awards 2012 hairstyles. That’s just it, our beloved fans! Now, I can say goodbyes and wish you a gorgeous, heartbreakingly beautiful look anywhere and at any time.

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