Enrique Iglesias Hairstyles

The Spanish singer that drives women crazy knows how to dress to wow while styling his hair in the perfect way that keeps him hotter, which is represented in an old-fashioned, brief hairstyle with a feathered fringe, while keeping his natural hair color with the touch of lowlights to keep his hair looking vivid. He mostly has the spiked messy hair look brushed forward that looks both sexy & professionally styled, it’s the hairstyle that makes his Latin facial features pop & be more noticeable while keeping his cool signature hairstyle & who cares sexy attitude that leaves its effect. If you’re looking for an easy to comb hairstyle that looks hot & voguish & you have oval, square or rectangular face like Enrique then this hairstyle is perfect for you, it’ll drive them crazy, so just have your hair layered & feathered for texture & add a side swept fringe styled in a messy spike.

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