Futuristic Small Kitchen for Small Room Design

The young innovative designer Lodovico Bernardi launched a new creative project of his. “Rubica” is a small unit in box shape that contains everything you need in the kitchen. This design is mainly directed to small flats which need practical ideas in order to solve their small space problems. By this design, Lodovico Bernardi is trying to present a very practical kitchen without occupying a big space. The design is based on the versatility idea; the whole kitchen is consisting of rotating, adjustable & folding shelves that you can move as you want. The very small unit can be turned into a very functional kitchen that will satisfy all your needs from a kitchen, and when you don’t use it you can return it to its original box shape occupying a minimum of space. We can expect a great demand for this kitchen when it will be provided because, till now, this design is just a project and hasn’t come to implementation yet.

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