Glam Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2012

There’s a rumor saying that you’re going to be a future bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding. Is that true?! If so, I’ve to tell you two things. The first one is Congratulations to your friend and you! The second is to tell you to go nowhere and concentrate with me as I’m going to present a collection of glamorous and chic bridesmaid hairstyles which are so trendy in 2012. The first hairstyles that you, my dear bridesmaid, can opt for are the updos. And don’t tell me “What is the new thing?! Updos are always used on special occasions” I think nothing’s new or even newer than the updos themselves as the hair styling gurus present much more creative and chic updo hairstyles for 2012 which are so suitable for special occasions, like weddings. The first styles of updos that you can opt for this year are the chignons which combine between traditionalism and modernity. Besides, you can sport any style of the twisted updo hairstyles. So, twist your hair and attend the wedding! Besides these and those, there’s a wide range of buns in front of you to pick from and wear such as; the side swept buns, low buns, mid-height buns, high buns, messy buns and others. All of these hairstyles can give the bridesmaids a very glamorous and classy look.

The second bridesmaid hairstyles on our list today are the braided hairstyles. You can opt for any style of them starting from the classy and tidy braided updos to the soft and simple braids such as; the French, milkmaid, fishtail, classic or any other style. Can you guess what else you may opt for?! I hear someone saying “Ponytails”. Yeah, ponytails are so in with us this year! You can sport the tidy and classy high ponytails or the sexy and simple low, side swept ponytails. If you’re not so keen on sporting them, you can wear the half up half down hairstyles which are also trendy this year and have glamorous looks. If you don’t like any of the last mentioned hairstyles above, then I have to tell you to opt for the loose hair which is one of the hair trends of 2012. Besides, it’s from the easy and simple, yet sultry hairdos that any woman can opt for. All you have to do is to straighten, curl or add some waves to your hair and let it flow on your back, shoulders or jawline based on your hair length; long, medium or quite short. As you can get from the last sentence that all of the bridesmaid haircuts mentioned above starting from the updos to the flowing dos are more suitable for women with certain hair lengths; long, medium or not so short.

Now what if you’re a woman who likes to keep her hair short and simple or maybe wild? Which hairstyles can you opt for?! Honey, don’t worry! There’re some chic and classy short haircuts that you can wear such as; the quiffs. You know those hairstyles have very stunning and chic looks. Besides, you can sport the pixie cut or any style of the short bob or short cropped haircuts, but don’t go too edgy. Either you straighten, curl, or mess your hair or even add any sort of waves to it, be sure that your look will be so gorgeous and glam. Woman, be confident! I have to tell you that you can add more glamour to your short hairstyles by adding any of the hair accessories such as; clips, pins and headbands or you may even go further than that and add some braids to your hair. For your info, you can do so with any sort of hairstyles you’re going to sport! I think you’re now aware of all the 2012 hairstyles that you as a bridesmaid can sport, right?! But do you know how to pick the right one for you?! You need to pick the haircut which is suitable for your personality, dress, and wedding theme and face shape. Of course, that’s besides suiting your hair texture and nature. My dear bridesmaids, the last thing that you need to be aware of is that your hairstyles should be always elegant but simple. I know that you would ask me; “How much simple?!” Honey, put in your mind to pick the hairstyle which would be simpler and far from the one that the bride may wear!! Now, I’m going to tell you goodbyes and wish you a glam and fabulous look!

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