Gucci Guilty for Women

For fatal attraction techniques, that doesn’t require martial arts lessons or sexual art lessons, you can just be one of the proud owners of Gucci Guilty, that adds a new flavor to women & a new obsession to men. It’s a perfume that will make everyone know what a party animal you are yet a sexy elegant lady. Gucci Guilty has an oriental floral that contains top notes of mandarin, pink pepper, middle notes of peach, lilac & geranium, & base notes of amber & patchouli. this collection has various products that has the Gucci Guilty fragrance in them such as; eau de toilette spray, massage oil, purse spray, perfumed deodorant, shimmer powder, shower gel & a body lotion. To have your body speak the art of seduction in many ways & at all times, that way he’ll always be yours & wrapped around your finger. It’s the diabolic yet innocent effect that every woman would love to have, so have your Gucci Guilty with you at all times so whenever you need to work your magic.

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