Hairstyles for a Wedding Guest

What a great joy the woman feels when she opens her mail box and finds a wedding invitation waiting there for her! But of course, most of us know that after that moment of joy and happiness comes another moment of confusion and hard work. For those who don’t get what i mean by the last mentioned couple of words and i think that they’re not quite few, let me clarify! My dear woman, if you’re going to be a wedding guest sooner or later, you have to know that your look has to be suitable to that special occasion. Simply and briefly, you have to look in your best suit from your head to toes. That would lead you to enter the search loop and make great effort to find the right hairdos, outfits, shoes and accessories. I think that now you get why i said hard work and confusion, right? But don’t worry at all, I’m going to help you and that’s by presenting a collection of glamorous and sexy hairstyles that you as a wedding guest can pick of and sport. For sure, you expect that now I’m going to take you in a tour to discover them, don’t you? Actually, I’m not going to do so at least right now and instead I’m going to clarify you some important things. First of all, you need to know that those hairdos are various. That means nothing but that whatever your hair nature, texture, color or length; short, medium or long is, you can definitely find the perfect one for you. The same words can be said about your face shape and age or even your personal fashion style. That was the second and last thing that you needed to know.

Now, let’s waste much more time and start the real work by mentioning which hairstyles can be worn by the women whose hair is either long or medium. Are there better and much more suitable hairdos for weddings than the updos? Of course not, at least that’s how i feel! I know that many of you go so far from sporting any of the updo hairstyles when they’re guests, but why so? Who said that you as a guest can’t opt for them? Actually, no body! Woman, you can pick any style of the updos and wear it as long as it’s not too fancy, oversized or even over accessorized! Why so? As if you sported a one with any of the last features, you would outshine the bride or even the bridesmaid in somehow. For your info, the last condition applies on any sort of hairdos you’re about to wear. Thus, keep it in your mind and memorize it very well. If you’re not so keen in updoing your hair or even still afraid to do so, you can opt for wearing other hairstyles like the plaits which are simple, effortless and can definitely give you the gorgeous look that you wish for. You need to know that you can wear any style of them; French, classic or herringbone. Yet another thing that you need to know is that you’re totally free to wear them individually or mix them with other hairdos like the updos for example. Whether you opt for doing the first or latter, be sure that your braided hair would give a stunning and attractive look.

The ponytails are also of the easiest, yet chicest hairstyles that the women can sport while they’re going to attend any wedding party. All of us are aware that they have styles that can give different looks. For example, the woman can opt for sporting the low or side swept ponytail, if she’s looking for a simple, sweet and awesome look. While on the other hand, she can opt for the high ponytail, if she wishes for super chic and classy look. Of course, those aren’t the only styles of ponytail hairdos that you can opt for. There’re more, but I’m going to leave them for the pictures and don’t tell me; ‘Why so!’. Anyway, you can also wear either the straight, curly or wavy down dos. Opt for sporting them, if you want to make the whole world see how much sexy and healthy your medium or long hair locks are! I guess that there’s no easier way to stand out from the crowds and charm everyone than wearing a loose hairdo, right? The last hairstyles that you may opt for as a woman whose hair is medium length are the bob cuts. You can wear any style of the bob haircuts; round, blunt, angled, layered, etc. All of them have very stylish, fabulous and eye catching look.

By now, you’ve known all the possible ways that you can style your long or medium hair with and get a charming and stunning look, right? But what if you’re a woman who likes to shorten her hair, what would be your options? I have to tell you that your options in such a case are unfortunately not so many like the previously mentioned cases, but the bright side is that they’re much simpler, easier, more effortless and sexier as well. The pixie cuts are of the most famous and trendy short hairstyles that you can opt for. Besides, you can opt for sporting any style of the short bob haircuts. You still have the option to either straighten, curl or add waves to your short hair and go to the wedding party. If you wish to have more classier and sexier look than those last ones may give you, then why don’t you try to wear the slicked back hairstyles either the dry or wet ones?! As you can see by yourselves that there’s a wide range of hairstyles in front of any wedding guest to pick of and wear. And all of them can give her the eye catching, fab look that she wishes for. By the way, you need to know that you can increase the glamour and charm of your hairdo by adding any of the embellishments as; pins, headbands or flowers to it. But be aware to go far from any type of them that looks so bridal, you know in order not to outshine our lovely bride! Now, I have nothing to tell you more than; ‘honor the bride and groom by both your graceful attitude and stunning look!’.

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