Harry Winston Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

When it comes to buying your engagement ring, you want it to be so special, valuable, shiny and from a trusted jeweler that gives you a fine taste and a great looking ring that matches your dreams. Harry Winston is one of the best known American jewelry designers known for his great engagement rings that have always satisfied many women with their great taste and valuable diamonds. Harry Winston offers a new collection of diamond engagement rings that are available in different styles and ideas, they also contain different diamond cuts and sizes so that you can choose the one that looks best in your finger. Diamond engagement rings offered by Harry Winston can contain one center diamond stone which is the mostly known solitaire engagement ring that has been always chosen and favored by many women with its classical style, while others can have three stones, the main stones can be surrounded by small beaded, pave or micropave diamonds throughout the whole ring to add shine and value. Some rings have baguette diamond on the sides of the center stone for added style and a varied look of different diamond styles gathered in one ring. Some of the rings in this collection present a band with the diamond ring making a set, where the diamonds have the same style as that of the main ring. Diamonds added to the rings can be emerald, pear, brilliant round, cushion, marquise or oval cut giving different options so that you can choose the diamond cut that you prefer. Another special idea offered by Harry Winston also shows a set of two solitaire rings, where the two rings resemble the initials if Harry Winston’s name, H and W, that can be made of gold, or can be filled with micropave diamonds according to your preference. Diamond rings presented by Harry Winston are all made of platinum giving you the maximum value for your special ring.

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