Harry Winston Pendants for Women

A pendant is usually considered an important part of any woman’s jewelry, pendants can really add a great style and a perfect impact when it is worn. Diamond pendants are the most valuable and shiny pendants that can be worn adding so much style, value and a greatly luxurious style when worn. Harry Winston presents one of the best diamond pendant collections released giving you a high quality, a perfect shine with perfect diamonds in different cuts and in varied styles to choose what most suits you. Pendants can be made of platinum or gold settings. One of the pendants takes the style of the lily cluster giving a feminine simple look while it is available in yellow gold or platinum, and it is all embedded with round and marquise cut diamonds. Other style shows a heart shaped pendant that has diamonds all through the heart shape with round and pear shaped diamonds, it is available in a platinum chain necklace that is so simple to show the beauty of the heart pendant. Another styles is a perfect Marquesa pendant with four marquise and pear shaped diamonds in a platinum chain necklace. A cluster pendant is also available in small and large sizes with marquise and pear shaped diamonds. A very simple design available also is a loop pendant having round diamonds making a perfect look, while the pendant is attached to a platinum and diamond chain to complete the beauty. If you like unique jewelry pieces, then you will definitely like the Guggenheim diamond pendant that looks very special with round diamonds. Pear shape diamond pendant and a Garland pendant are also seen.

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