Harry Winston Rings for Women

If you are thinking about getting a new ring, and you love classy stylish rings that are worthy and full of lively colors, then one of these Harry Winston’s rings is a must have. Harry Winston offers a new collection of rings that are all full of lively colors and shine, while giving you a big collection of varied options to choose from within the style that most suits your preference and looks perfect in your finger. Rings are available in different thicknesses, you can find thin rings with a big center stone that can be a white diamond or gemstones like emerald, ruby or sapphires, these rings can have the center stone solely in the ring, or the center stone can be surrounded by pave diamonds throughout the whole ring or just on the sides of the stone as pave diamonds or baguettes. Other rings can be wide like a ring with three or four rows of diamonds that are embedded on the surface of the ring in different looks. Some rings also feature the presence of the shiny yellow diamond as the center stone with different cuts and styles. Diamonds are available in these rings with different cuts giving varied styles, some of the rings have a flower style, another one has a cluster, feather or lotus shape to give you a wide variety to choose from. This collection also contains a platinum band with three baguette stone parted on top. All rings in this collection are made of platinum settings, and one of them is made of yellow gold setting.

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