Hart Schaffner Marx Suits for Men

Hart Schaffner Marx is a brand that has been available since the 1980s making tailored menswear. Hart Schaffner Marx, or HSM, has been trusted by men many years ago by its fine quality and satisfying suits. The company kept growing and the name started having an important place among suit designer that it became one of the best. HSM is always making changes in its fashion line suits, to be more suitable to their time and more convenient to customers. The latest suits offered by HSM give a more modern look to go with today’s fashion; the suits are two-buttoned with centre or side vents, and they have a slimmer fit cut, the lapels are narrower to give a modern look, and the pants can be flat front, single or double reverse pleated to give you different styles to choose what comforts you more. The suits are available in different styles, they can be plain, plaid or striped with different stripe styles; giving you a wide range of suits that are suitable for almost everything. Hart suits are all made of high quality 100 % worsted wool that is a mid-weight fabric for a luxurious look that can be used the whole year. The suits are available in different colors; like black, grey, navy, charcoal or brown.

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