Hat Trends for Women

Winter is right around the corner and lucky for us fashionistas; we can now keep warm in style since hats have never been this popular before! Go ahead; make your pick from styles ranging from classy all the way to sporty. Did you know you lose most of your body heat through your head? All the more reason to wear a hat this season! As if we needed any more reasons… Hats come in a wide variety of colors and types for autumn/winter 2012, but most popular are the pom-pom hats, fedoras, baseball caps and trapper hats.

The sporty look has been in style for quite some time and is still going strong this season. Proof is in the multitude of brands offering baseball caps. Some of them are even made from unexpected materials such as leather or felt. You could keep it simple in grey or black, but you can make your fashion statement pop even more by choosing a punchy color. Key with this trend is to dress all classy or girly and add only one sporty item, in this case your baseball cap. With this type of hat, it’s all about juxtaposition!

Is your style generally more casual? Then why don’t you try a pom-pom hat? Generally made out of thick knits, they exude comfort and coziness while adding some youthful charm to your outfit. When wearing a pom-pom hat, there are two ways to complement the palette of your outfit. You could opt for a ton-sur-ton look, using colors similar to the palette of your outfit. Wanna stand out in a crowd? You could keep your outfit very basic, perhaps even all black, but add a pop of color with your choice of pom-pom hat. They even come in neon colors!

For the ladies who swear by classic attire, there is the fedora. Depending on the shape of your face, you can choose from a wide brim or a short brim. Since this type of hat is more classic, the colors are also rather demure. Most fedoras are made out of felt and come in black, grey, burgundy or camel. You might find an odd red one too. Apart from the dent, the most characteristic element of a fedora is undoubtedly the ribbon. This ribbon can be made of all sorts of materials and often adds a playful element to the hat. Generally the ribbon sports a different color than the actual hat, further widening the possibilities for a color-coordinated outfit. Sporting a fedora is an easy way to achieve downtown polish.

If you live in a country with very harsh winters, there’s always the good old trapper hat. This hat is both fashionable and functional. Especially designed for frigid weather, the classic trapper hat comes with a shearling or fur trim and flaps to keep your ears warm. Complete your cozy winter look with a knit sweater and some corduroy skinnies.

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