High Ponytail Hairstyles

Can you tell me how many times you’ve wished for a hairdo that is chic, glamorous and sexy, yet easy to be done?! I can imagine you trying to remember and count the number of times you’ve done so. Actually, you don’t have to count on your hands as you, me, her and all of us know that the correct, yet honest answer has to be uncountable times! But why do we feel that way and there’s a plenty of hairstyles that have the features that we all look for? Maybe, we do so because of nothing more than our fascination of getting a glamorous, stunning look by doing less effort! After that quite long introduction, I want to tell you that today’s topic is going to be about the high ponytails. I know that the question that most of you’re going to ask is; ‘Why do you suggest these ones specifically?’. In fact, I do suggest them because of many reasons. First of all, they’re of the most popular hairstyles among the women and they have been like that for many years. Skim through the hairstyling trends presented for the different years and you would find that the high ponytail hairdos exist among most of them. Not just that, take a look at the celebrity’s world and you would find that the high ponys can be considered as the main reason behind the glam and alluring looks that many of them had!

Besides being so popular, they are sort of effortless and easy to be done, you know like the most ponytails, if not all of them. Mostly, all the woman has to do is to brush her hair to get rid of any tangles, gather & pull her hair into a ponytail at the crown of her head and secure it with a hair elastic. Let me not forget to tell you two important things. The first one is to wash your hair before doing so and the second is that to remind you that there might be further steps to be done. What are they? and when do you have to do them? are based on the way that you want to wear your high pony. Anyway, can you guess what else has made me to choose them? Woman, think with me! Huh, I can hear some of you saying; ‘their glamorous and sexy look!’. How smart you are! Of course, their look can be one of the reasons that made them the topic of the day. Like you said, the high ponytail hairstyles are always known by their glam and sexy look, but let me add the following words; gorgeous, chic and true eye catching, yet versatile. I know that the word ‘versatile’ would catch your attentions and make you tell me; ‘how so?’. My dear women, the word doesn’t have any meaning but that the high ponytails come in various styles with different looks. Some of them can be straight, curly, wavy or even messy while the others can be wrapped, cascading or braided. Whether you opt for the latter or first ones, you have to be sure that you’re going to get the gorgeous and sexy look that you die for. Yet another thing that you have to know is that your high ponytail hairdos can be styled in either a carefree or tidy and neat way. The last sentence means that you can wear them in different types of occasions; formal, semi formal or casual.

Till now, you have seen nothing but great characteristics, right? To complete them, I have to tell you that you can definitely pick and sport any style of the high ponytail hairstyles regardless on your age and skin tone. That’s also besides being able to style and position your high ponytail in the most suitable way for your facial details and hair type. Besides all of those last mentioned awesome pros, you have to know that the high ponytail hairstyles have a tiny but major disadvantage which is that they can only be worn by women whose hair is either long or medium. Disappointing, isn’t it? For sure, it’s especially for those women who like to shorten their hair, but in the same time wish to try these hairdos. But let me tell you that there’s a magical solution for that issue which is to make use of the ponytail extensions. I know that some would say ‘no, i won’t do such a thing!’. My dear woman, wearing a fake high ponytail is better than dreaming to do so! There’s no harm in trying it and seeing how would you look like with long or medium high ponytail?! I think that nothing left for me to say except one thing which is to remind you that you can spice up your high ponytail hairstyle by adding either any preferable and suitable style of the bangs, partings or quiff to it. Do so and wait for nothing but smashing, true eye catching, sparkling and glamorous look. So, enjoy melting the hearts!!

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