Home Office Combined with Living Rooms for Small Spaces

Because the office is very useful in the house but also because it is not always possible to dedicate an entire room for it, you can easily integrate it into the living room. Here are some ideas to find the place of your home office desk. To perfectly integrate the work desk with your living room, try to install it in the continuity of the cupboards of the room; if you have a low sideboard, it may be placed beside it for example. If you have a small hollow in your living room, take the opportunity to install the desk inside of it. The recesses often have windows, allowing you to enjoy a good light for work. If you want the home office to disappear when not in use, you might choose a desk that looks like a console. You can then install it as a traditional living room piece of furniture. To create an original desk that fits very well in the living room, you can opt for a desk that you create using shelves; you will get a worktop plus additional shelves for storage.

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