How to Decorate your Living Room for Christmas

During the Christmas season, the living room becomes the main place for all celebrations: appetizers, Christmas Eve, and opening presents under the tree … It should be then decorated in a Christmas theme to create a magical atmosphere. Discover 5 fabulous living rooms with different decorative ideas for a warm and magical Christmas Eve. To make the living room look snowy, opt for white and silver decoration. The idea is to create a very soft atmosphere highlighted with gentle touches of pink. Do not hesitate to set the Christmas lights and balls for the festive ambience.

If you decide to spend the Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace, choose to decorate your living room in shades of chocolate brown and gold for a very warm ambience. Set the light cones to create a festive style throughout the entire room and not just the tree, and then accessorize the coffee table with some gold stars. To bring a cozy look to your living room to spend a classic Christmas Eve, focus on multiplying cushions and rugs in shades of red for a traditional style. You can add candles instead of light cones for a softer lighting and a smoother atmosphere.

The Christmas season is also an opportunity to meet with the family kids who enjoy the school holiday. It is then very adorable to decorate the living room with few childish touches that will please both kids and grownups and will add more fun to this family gathering. You can use some toys and accessories in lively colors associated with the snowy white ambience to create a very attractive look. If you want to bring more softness to your living room during Christmas, opt for natural shades like white and gray. For a contemporary touch, you can add many Christmas trees with original minimalist designs to dress the entire house.

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