How to Give a New Look to your Dressing Table

Are you bored of your old dresser and want to change it? No need to change old furniture since you can remodel it! Give your old dresser a new look that will change the whole bedroom look using easy and cheap tips. Interested in this idea? Follow this post to discover 10 fabulous ways to give your dresser a new stylish look. To boost a white dresser, for example, you can choose to paint black stripes that will bring a very stylish look. Use a painter’s tape to create the lines then apply the black painting. As you may already know, patina furniture with an aged look is very trendy; you can give your dresser an aged look using the patina which is a special paint that will allow you to create this fashionable effect on your furniture. If you want to create an original effect on your dresser, you can play with drawers. For example, choose two or three different colors to paint drawers to bring a lively look to your bedroom.

In the same idea, remember that you can also cover the drawers using wallpapers; for example, you can mix different styles by covering the drawers with wallpapers in different motifs. Stickers are also one of the best ideas to customize any furniture. Giving your dresser a new look using stickers could be the easiest choice; you can choose to cover the whole dresser or only the drawers. To totally change the look of your dresser, you can completely cover it with wallpaper; to give it a charming style, you can opt, for example, for a “toile de Jouy” style. Without changing the dresser, you can focus on changing details like the handles, for example. Depending on the handle model, the look will be transformed; for example, your classic dresser will take a retro look with shell handles.

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