Cat furniture, Germany – Jan 2014

Custom-made playground for cats

A carpenter and his team have been transforming people’s homes in to elaborate playgrounds – for CATS.

The German design firm called Goldtatze, which translates in to ‘Gold Paw’, is a fitting name, for the cats that are built the luxurious jungle gyms are obviously living the good life.

All the cat playgrounds are custom-made and designed to suit the shape and size of the room.

Installations include wall-mounted walkways; kitty hammocks suspended from the ceiling and suspension bridges; the scratching posts are even made of real tree branches.

Founder of Gold Paw, Stefan Hofmann says: “As every cat is so special, so should their environment. With our Gold Paw range we take this in to account. We revive cat’s rooms with luxurious yet natural elements that rival the “outer” world.”

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