Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles

The rising star amazed millions with his voice & style, he has the voguish hairstyle of young Hollywood guys. He has soft brown hair that’s straight, so he styles it in its natural form by using it to his best benefit, by carrying the hairstyle that suits him the best. For making the best out of it, while giving it the required texture & vibe, Justin styles his hair in certain hairstyles that helps him do his thing & move freely while he’s on stage like; bowl cut, layered razor cut, short straight cut, or mop-top. The two different hairstyles you’ll find Bieber in are the spiked faux-hawk as the back & sides of this short hairstyle are cut neatly up & around the ears blending into the top which is jagged cut to allow for height & the other style is the smooth side swept formal hairstyle. This is what we’ve seen him in for now, but who knows, the singer is still young & has his life ahead of him, which means that will see new looks & different hairstyles. As for now these hairstyles are perfect for guys to show off their soft straight hair.

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