Keira Knightley Hairstyles 2012

“How has the beautiful English actress Keira Knightley worn her hair locks in 2012?” is definitely the question that we’re going to answer today. But like usual, we’re going to mention a couple of important hints before doing so. The first one is that the star’s hair has been both medium and bobbed during the year. Yeah, ladies, she’s not let her bob cut go since 2011, but you need to know that it’s been quite longer this year. The second and last hint is that she’s still brunette. Now, let’s begin the real action, our precious fans! Wearing her bobbed hair either straight or wavy is what the “Anna Karenina” actress has done more than once in 2012. And she’s looked gorgeous and fashionable while doing so, like usual. Let me tell you that she’s been seen wearing it slicked back and deliberately messy in one of the photo shoots for some magazine. Of course, you can imagine how much chic, bold and sexy she’s been while wearing these hairstyles.

Ponytails have been literally among the most worn hairdos by Knightley since the year’s started. You need to know that all of these ponys have had that casual, carefree and stylish look. The next hairstyles that Keira has opted for are the buns which haven’t been less than chic and elegant. But let me tell you that she’s opted for updo’ing her medium length tresses in other ways besides wrapping them in buns. For example, she’s been seen wearing a grungy, yet twisted updo once on the red carpet and it has had a super romantic, alluring and eye catching look. Also, you can see her sporting a spectacular and glamorous chignon. Besides, she’s sported so creative, and let’s say amazing, styles of updos during the photo shoot for Vogue magazine. That’s just it, my dear ladies!

Starting from this moment, you can consider yourselves aware of how the “Can a Song Save Your Life?” actress has styled her medium locks since 2012 began till the recent days. And of course, if she opted for any sort of makeovers, we will bring you all its details. What about trying any of the last mentioned ‘dos while waiting for us? Do so and enjoy catching the eyes with your gorgeous look..

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