Lena Dunham Hairstyles

Hello, ladies! Have you ever tried to search for the hairstyles worn by the talented filmmaker, actress and comedian Lena Dunham?! Okay, there’s no need to answer as I can predict what you’re going to tell me. Yeah, I know that some of you’re going to say; “yes, I’ve done that, but the results were disappointing!”, while some others may say; “No, why should I do such a thing?!” And I’m sure that there might be others who are going to say; “Lena who?!” I do imagine some of you screaming and saying; “What is that controversy for?” All of that controversy is just a way to tell you that today’s topic is about presenting a tiny lookbook of the hairdos worn by the creative star through her career life.

So, allow me to begin what I came to do, my dear readers! And I’m going to do so by telling you a few things related to the star’s hair. Through her career life, her hair has been either long or medium and has never been short. But let’s not forget that she’s recently debuted a short haircut which we’ve talked about in an individual topic, did you see it? If not, search on our magazine and you’ll find everything you need to know about it! Anyways, the second thing is that its color has been always brunette, at least based on what I saw during my search trip. The third and last thing is that most, if not all, of the times, Dunham has opted for wearing her hair locks in so simple and, let’s say, practical ways. So what? All I want to tell you is not to put expectations that you’re going to find fancy ‘dos!

When you take a look at the lookbook of Dunham, you’re going to see quite different styles of down dos; straight, curly, and soft wavy, and all of them have had simple, sweet and alluring looks. Actually, that confirms what I said in the previous section that our beloved star likes to wear simple ‘dos, as there’s nothing simpler than straightening, curling your hair locks and letting them flow down, right? Besides the flowing locks, Lena has opted for wearing the ponytails which have given her a girlish, soft and stylish look. Which hairdos else do you think she’s opted for? Braids? I don’t recall that she’s worn them. Ladies, forget about that last sentence as I’m wrong! The ‘Girls’ creator has been seen wearing a braided hairstyle which has had an elegant and eye catching look.

Knots and buns have been also from the sweet and simple hairstyles sported by the ‘Supporting Characters’ star. To be more specific with you, I have to tell you that she’s concentrated on wearing both of the top and low styles of them. What about the updos? Has she worn them?! Based on what I saw, I can tell you that she’s been seen once wearing a casual style of updos which has had a beautiful, yet stylish look. Let me not forget to tell you that the bob cuts are definitely from the hairstyles that the star has opted for through her career life. Between you and me, you can say that they’re her favorite or something. Now, I can tell you that we’ve reached the closure page of our lookbook. Yeah, that soon! Thus, I’ll tell you goodbyes and wish you an amazing day, yet life!

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