Meet 40 Of The Dogs Behind “Beware Of The Dog” Warning Signs

These 40 hilarious photos perfectly prove that you shouldn’t believe everything you read, especially when a sign says: “Beware of the Dog”!

If you see a sign on a gate or post that says “Beware of the Dog”, chances are you’d be on high alert for a German Shepherd or Rottweiler and would definitely be feeling quite anxious and threatened, until you see the dog, and then you feel just plain stupid. In certain countries, and states, it is a legal requirement to put a sign on your entrance saying “Beware of the Dog”, or the equivalent in their home language, but it doesn’t matter if your dog is a pit bull terrier or a poodle!

Image Credit: deucalion

We have managed to find 40 of the cutest and most stupid “Beware of the Dog” photos that will make you laugh, sigh and go “Aww…”. By the end, you will also realize that on many occasions, telling you to beware of the dog is to either stop you from stepping on it or tripping over it!

Of course, we wouldn’t want to create the wrong impression and leave you feeling that every time you see a “Beware of the Dog” sign that you are going to be met by a cute and affectionate pooch who is more likely to lick you to death than bite you. There are, most definitely, plenty of dogs out there which are naturally protective of their homes and their masters who live in those homes, and you definitely want to be very wary of these dogs. In fact, did you know that in the UK, every year over 2,500 times a year a postman gets bitten by a dog!

If you’ve got a softie for a pooch and a sign on your gate that may be slightly misleading as to how dangerous your dog might be, we’d love to see a photo, so do upload it to our Stylish Eve Facebook page.

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