Meet Debit and Credit – Two Cute Kittens Adopted by an Office to Boost Morale

Meet Debit and Credit, two cute kittens rescued by an Ohio transportation company that now help to boost the morale of all the staff in its office.

Image Credit: ourofficekittens

Meet two cute kittens, named Debit and Credit, which one super-thoughtful boss decided would be a great addition to the company workforce, so he adopted them in order to help boost office morale. As you will see from all the many pictures we have included that were taken by various members of staff, they clearly turned out to be a total hit, and why wouldn’t they?

The two kittens were ‘hired’ by a large transportation company in Ohio in the United States and while ideally an ability to answer the phone and use a computer would have been perfect, their interaction with the staff is why they were taken on. According to behavioral psychologist LotteSpijkerman, the presence of a dog or cat can be hugely beneficial to people, especially their mental well-being, and are good for reducing stress levels.

One other advantage is the cat’s ‘aloof’ nature, so they are unlikely to stay long at the workstation of any one particular employee, so they will never be too much of a distraction while providing a five-minute ‘fun break’ can often prove beneficial to work performance.

Of course, if you think this is a good idea, then one of the first things you will need to do is find out if anyone in your office has pet allergies, as there is no point in improving the lives of ten members of staff if you ruin the working environment for one other person. Maybe a goldfish or rabbit would be safer?

So, what do you think about pets in the workplace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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