Men’s Board Shorts

Board shorts were originally worn by men in sports that related to the sea like surfing. After that, board shorts were used as swim wear. But because of their great style and comfort, broad shorts are now used by men generally in summer on the beach and even in outings that don’t include the sea at all. Board shorts are very comfortable and durable, and they are all made with the greatest lively colors that a short can be made of. That’s why, board shorts grabbed the attention of most men, specially the youth for the great style they have. Board shorts are considered tall shorts, their lengths are longer than many shorts, they are mostly at knee length and some of them can be below the knees covering the knees completely, and can look great with a simple t-shirt. Board shorts are generally made of polyester and nylon, they have the ability to get dry fast and resist water and wind. They can have big side pockets with a baggy appearance, and can have elasticized waists for size adjustment.

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