Miley Cyrus Hairstyles 2012

It seems that the famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus is one of those young female stars who have considered 2012 to be the year to start getting themselves a more mature, feminine and sexier look than before. Let’s not forget that this year definitely means another great and happy thing for Cyrus more than looking more sexier and glam which is being engaged to the famous young & super hot star; Liam Hemsworth. Of course, that’s made me to tell her ‘Congratulations, Miley and wish you the best of the best!’. I can imagine some of you say; ‘She won’t either hear you or even read that post!’. My dear reader, who knows! Now, let’s leave that nonsense imaginary conversation and start discovering which hairstyles worn by the beloved star Miley Cyrus since the start of the year till now. At the beginnings of 2012, she has stunned us all by styling her long blonde hair in a very glamorous and elegant way. She has sported a wavy side-swept hairstyle which has made her looking gorgeous, super hot and glamorous. Actually, I loved it and still do! After a while, she has been seen sporting medium layered hairstyle. Between you and me, that has made many of her fans and followers to guess and wonder about whether she has cut her long hair or she has had extensions and removed them! Can you tell me which one is true, the first or second guess? Okay, why to tire yourself and think while I’m here? So, let me tell you that based on what i knew, the second guess is the right one! Anyway, she has looked gorgeous and stunning while sporting either of the last mentioned hairstyles.

Miley has wowed us more by getting herself a new haircut, specifically a medium rounded bob haircut which has made her looking so stylish and eye catching. Let me not forget to mention that she has dressed her bobbed hair in the traditional ways as; straight, curly and wavy. Regardless of the way that she has styled her bob haircut with, she has looked very sexy and stunning in a way that has charmed us all. Besides the last mentioned hairstyles, Hannah, I mean Miley has proven to the whole world since the start of the year till now that the buns are her hair’s best friends! She has heavily sported the sweet and casual high buns or top knots as being called by many. That’s also besides wearing the low and mid height buns. All of them have looked simple, easy to do and awesome, yet elegant! The last hairstyles that she has been seen sporting this year are the mid height ponytail and braided pigtail. Both of them have looked very girlish and sweet, yet eye catching especially the last one. Just it, we’re totally done! That’s why i’m going to tell you goodbyes. Just don’t forget to take a sneaky peek look at the pictures attached below of all the last mentioned hairstyles. Who knows?, you may fall in love with one of them in a way that makes you copycat it! If you’re really going to do so, nothing to tell you more than wish you super, super stylish, glam and eye catching look.

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