Miraculous Bras by Victoria’s Secret

The absolutely miraculous bras that add instantly two cup sizes makes you look like a wild flower blossoming & secreting sexy but deadly scent just by walking by while looking all hot & curvy. It’s the push up bras & multi way bras effect that give you a fuller bust & more defined cleavage, that Miraculous designed for you. For more than just a sexy bust, you’ll get to enjoy different designs Eyelash Lace, Embellishment Lace, Solid colors, Winter White Lace Sling, Lace Sling, Prints, Starburst Embellishment, Prints w/Embellishment or Banded Lace, all these combined fabrics & colors gives your personal style a special taste. These multi ways bras are called mutli-way for its features like how it can be worn as halter, cross-back, strapless or one-strap underneath any outfit & some of them also includes two adjustable straps: clear & regular, which makes your sleeveless, bandeau & strapless tops juicier & more stylish.

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