Modern 74 Square Meter Small Apartment Design Idea

This is another design showing how we could perfectly use small spaces without abandoning comfort. This time it’s a stylish contemporary design for a small apartment of 74 square meters but looks larger thanks to the smart design and practical furniture. The apartment is composed of two rooms and an open area combining a living room, dining room and kitchen plus a very nice terrace. White walls and oak floors are making a beautiful harmony and nice feeling plus giving the space a larger look. The most important part is the living area which is beautifully & practically designed so it looks so stylish and so comfortable; it includes a large cozy sofa on an L shape with an LCD hanged to the wall, the kitchen is combined to the living room in a warm & cozy ambiance that brings a very comfortable feeling to the place, it also allows the person cooking in kitchen to react with others in the living room. The kitchen is equipped with all important appliances and has a stylish minimalist design in glossy white color; the kitchen island which is equipped with a stove and a large countertop is in fact used as a dining table which is so practical and space-saver. The terrace has a very cheerful ambiance with plants, flowers and springy set & rug colors. The main bedroom is quite large & comfy, furnished with a cozy double bed, a small work desk and a large wardrobe which was set outside of the bedroom occupying the left wall of path to give the bedroom more free space. Color harmony is so beautiful in this apartment; the combination between grey tones with white with some colorful touches creates a fashionable and pretty look.

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