Modern Apartment with Minimalist Design in Hong Kong

Modernity in interior designing has no limit nowadays. New ideas are coming up every day, and better designs and solutions are always introduced. The minimalist design is a really trendy design these days because it is so simple, yet gives a very elegant style. This is a modern apartment in Hong Kong that has been designed with the minimalist design; the apartment is very beautiful, neat, and decorative. The whole apartment comes in white, grey, and black colors which define minimalism and reflect a chic ambiance. The lounge area includes a grey sofa, where against it, you can see a small table that includes drawers for storage, and an LCD hanging on a white wall. The wall in the lounge area is painted yellow to give a sweet, colorful touch to the place. You can see a unique black wall starting from the entrance of the apartment, having hexagonal shapes in different black tones which really make a piece of art.

Window curtains come in grey, which makes a great color contrast with the yellow wall. A small modern dining set is placed near the kitchen in a corner; it includes a black dining table and four amazing chairs that come in black and white making a perfect contrast. The wall beside the dining set is another piece of art in this apartment; it comes in white while having a very soft flowery print in black and grey tones. This wall adds to the decorative side of the apartment while maintaining the minimalism. An open kitchen looks amazing; it comes in white and grey tones with silver appliances. Wooden cabinetry is seen having built-in appliances including an electric cooker with a cooker hood, a refrigerator, stove, sink, and more. Simple shelves are added to store kitchen stuff, and hooks to hang mugs, for example.

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