Modern Bathroom Cabinet Designs

Piquadro 2 is another flexible and stylish new collection of modern bathroom cabinets presented by BMT, the famous Italian bathroom furniture manufacturer. Inspired by cubism style, designs are characterized by simplicity, modernity and functionality. The collection consists of a large range of contemporary bathroom sets which are all based on flexibility as they have a compact design that allows using it in small bathrooms. Sets are composed of cabinets with built-in sinks, independent cabinets suspended on the wall and different shapes of mirrors. The collection is also considering the functionality as all cabinets are having a big space for storage that can be used to store the necessary bathroom stuffs. Sets are available in many different shapes and colors, such as this stylish black & white set and also a charming purple & white one. All shapes are practical & flexible and can be adjusted according to your bathroom space. Mirrors are adding to those sets an elegant touch; they are available in both rectangular and round forms, and frameless or with a beautiful colored frame. Photos of this article are in folder: Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets.

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