Modern Bathroom Furniture Collection by Cosmic

Cosmic company which is known by its modern bathroom products is presenting two new bathroom furniture collections called “Flow and Soft”; both are having the same characteristics which are the simple minimalist designs and the functional geometric shapes. Designs are based on straight lines, very simple forms and few elements. The collections include a wide range of cabinets, sinks, taps and mirrors. All products are characterized by the simple and modern style with no details. The cabinets are beautiful with their subtle designs, but equally functional with a big space for storage and built-in sinks. All cabinets are without handles as well as mirrors which are without frames to suit with modern style. Cabinets are available in several finishes including black, white, glossy black, and off-white lacquered also gray and oak. Those cabinets are having another advantage; you can have them in any size you want, so they can fit in a small bathroom easily and allow you to benefit from their functionality and stylish contemporary look.

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