Modern Bathroom Furniture For Small Space

A small bathroom can also be beautiful; this is the main idea of this “Happy collection” presented by the Italian company Novello. As its name is “happy”, the collection contains many cheerful designs that are able to bring to your small bathroom a shining look with keeping on the modern style and practical usage. Bathroom sets in this collection are depending on the ultra-modern style and strong contrast in colors. It consists of cabinets with built-in sinks in a symmetric curved design that doesn’t take a big space and are also practical as the side of the cabinet contains shelves hidden by a door which is used at the same time as a towel holder. If you need more space for storage, there are many interesting independent cabinets suspended on the wall with same ultra-modern stylish designs. The collection includes also modern mirrors with LED lights in a variety of shapes and frame colors which complete the beautiful and delightful atmosphere of the bathroom. Several materials are used in these bathroom sets such as corian, stainless steel and crystal. Colors are playing a major role in this collection; the designer depended on daring colors and strong contrasts in most of the designs such as strong orange with black, and purple with blue & white. He also used black & white contrast which is always up-to-date.

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