Modern Bathroom Furniture with Baby Washbasin by Herms

One of the biggest fears of any new mom is the baby bath, it’s really not easy at all to give a new born baby a warm bath specially if you are alone and no one is helping you. Herms is offering new moms a very creative and smart solution that will turn the baby bath to an enjoyable and funny time instead of a big fear. The company presents a collection of practical bathroom furniture consisting of a bath unit with a built-in countertop washbasin and an integrated baby tub. The baby tub is fabricated from hygienic materials made especially for babies. The unit contains also a practical changer very comfortable. This is one of the brilliant ideas that could help any mother because with a bathroom furniture like this one she doesn’t need any help, she can easily put her baby in the tub which is designed to carry safely the baby and thanks to the practical faucet she can easily fill the bath without removing it. And after his warm bath, she moves her baby to the changing area just beside the tub to wear his clothes in a comfortable atmosphere for both of them. Another great advantage of this furniture set is that when the baby grows up, this furniture won’t be useless because you can simply remove the tub and it will be transformed to a very practical storage unit. Truly, this is a perfect design. You can choose between a variety of sizes and colors; there are many pretty models suitable for a baby theme such as funny pictures and cartoon characters.

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