Modern Bathroom Furniture

What makes the Via Veneto line very distinguished is its flexibility, functionality and diversity. It is a bathroom furniture system that contains all you would need: curved elements & units, built-in, on-top & under top washbasins, many types of handles, 21 widths, 3 heights, 3 standards depths. It also contains drawers in ecological paneling and bases with leaves in finishes of wood or glossy opaque lacquer. Tops are available in different thicknesses and are made of glass, wood, Cristalplan and Parapan. Parapan is a high gloss acrylic which allows the building of support tops for an intense use. All cabinets are made of water proof MDF wood, and can be lacquered or veneered inside & outside. Via Veneto by Falper has a diversity of practical, contemporary and elegant products that are able to add an amazing look to your bathroom in a comfortable atmosphere.

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