Modern Bathroom Tile Designs

Tiles became so fashionable in bathroom decoration and used a lot in modern interiors. The idea is to stick the mosaic pieces of the material of your choice, known as mosaic tessera, to create a scene. Marble, glass paste, pottery, mirrors, antique crockery pieces of stones, shells…etc. almost everything can be broken down into tessera. The durability of mosaic or tiles depends on your choice of glue; to avoid having problems, it is advisable to use glue in cement. If you are looking for a chic tiled bathroom design, we present you here 20 different ideas for beautiful tiled bathrooms. The advantage of tiles is that you can use them to decorate any part in the bathroom and in any way; you can have many tiled structures, horizontal, vertical, diagonal… you can even draw paintings by tiles. In addition; you can make beautiful color combinations using tiles in different colors to create attractive contrasts or soft harmonies. Tiles are also resistant to humidity which makes them very practical in bathrooms and even in kitchens.

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