Modern Freestanding Bathtubs from Victoria & Albert

Freestanding tubs are becoming so trendy nowadays and are used a lot in contemporary designs as a sign of modernity and elegancy. A freestanding bathtub is also practical for compact homes and small spaces as it is flexible to be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Victoria & Albert, the famous British company, presents a collection of modern freestanding tubs all having minimalist designs and amazing looks. The collection is composed of 5 different models having in common the originality of shapes and the modernity of style. All tubs are made of 100% QUARRYCAST which is a blend of volcanic limestone and high performance resins. Using excellent craftsmen, bathtubs are hand finished by natural white. The Amalfi model has a very original look with its soft shape; it’s deep inside and has a smooth drawn form outside. The Ios model has a contemporary round shape, thanks to its minimalist form that doesn’t take much space; this model can be perfect for actual city apartments and en-suits. The Napoli model is characterized by a simple rimless design; it is very stylish and also very relaxing. The Ravello model has a smooth curved design which adds more elegancy to the bathroom’s look. The Sorrento model is the most innovative design presented in this collection; it is inspired by the traditional Japanese “ofuro” with a high form very deep inside containing a contoured double width bench seat. This model is also available in a pretty colored version with a beautiful hand painting for flowers, this version can add to your bathroom an artistic touch as it looks like a tableau rather than a bathtub.

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