Modern IKEA Bathroom Design Ideas 2011

Bathrooms also deserve some new decorations! Take a look at IKEA’s collection 2011 that will inspire you with some new ideas that you can use in your own bathroom. IKEA, which is known by its simple & beautiful products, is providing an amazing collection that includes bathroom cabinets, bath & shower units and some original accessories. It doesn’t matter what the space of your bathroom is, by some new ideas you can use your space perfectly and create a beautiful look to the bathroom. If you’ve got a big space, then you are lucky because you can apply any design you want. But if your bathroom is small, here are some ideas that could help you: For the best use of space, hang your bathroom furniture in height. Separate WC with a half wall. You also may want to save space by some corner cabinets designed for the specified bathroom. You can also choose a bathroom cabinet with mirror to put your cosmetics & hygienic products inside of it. Many accessories can be added in your bathroom: shelves, soap dishes, towel dryers, etc. IKEA presents a beautiful collection of bathroom accessories such as a triple towel dryer made of stainless steel, also Loews carriage and some units specially made for make-up storage. Look for beauty & elegance in your bathroom design but also don’t forget the practical side.

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