Modern Lighted Mirror Designs for the Bathroom

In a bathroom, the mirror takes a significant place because of its importance in this room which makes of it a necessary item that has to be both practical and aesthetic. For that, nothing’s like a light mirror; ideal for women to put makeup and for men to shave, not to mention the light effect that will beautify your bathroom look. If you are looking for the last trends in light mirrors, here is a collection of modern light mirror designs in different shapes & models to help you choose the one that matches with your bathroom style. To light the mirror, you can opt for a simple light bar integrated in the mirror. This solution does not change anything of the clean appearance of the mirror while adding a stylish & practical touch. In this range, you will find a plenty of models; there is the mirror where the lighting bar is integrated in its top, other models with the lighting bar placed horizontally or vertically on a side of the mirror surface, and others with more than one lighting tube integrated-in the mirror, and also the models with spot lights, etc. If you don’t want the light to come directly through the mirror, you can choose a backlight model; the mirror is then lightly departed from the wall to hide a soft lighting that will add a very charming effect. To give the bathroom a unique look, you can opt for a colored light mirror. A mirror model with backlight that diffuses blue light for example around the mirror will create a very distinguished style. If your bathroom is very high tech, you can choose a light mirror that integrates light strips bringing a very original look thanks to their asymmetrical shape. The light in this case is slightly tinted to create a very futuristic ambience. Finally, if you want to make the light aspect disappear from your mirror, there are many models in which light is diffused by the frame of the mirror to illuminate the place in a very decorative way.

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