Modern Wall Bathroom Furniture and Decoration

Bilbao is a new collection of bathroom furniture from Regia that shows the glamour of using bold colors in bathroom designs. This collection consists of furniture sets made especially for small bathrooms, the set is composed of a cabinet with a built-in sink, a mirror and an independent cabinet suspended to the wall. Sets designs are characterized by the oval shape and the modern style. All sets are practical and stylish in the same time thanks to their modern & fashionable design that provides large spaces for storage; cabinets are available with one or even two large drawers containing some smart accessories that allow accommodating all bathroom equipment. Sets are available in 6 cheerful colors including orange, blue, forest green & natural oak. The designer matched those beautiful colors of cabinets with white or black lacquered sinks made of techno glass which is making a fabulous contrast. Walls also are completing this beautiful contrast, they came gray with white & red big flowers with the red set, light green with the forest green set, stripped white & blue with the blue set and so on. The collection also contains some interesting bathroom accessories such as small tables and modern statues.

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