Modern Wood Bathtub Designs by Sasso

Wood is an unusual material to be used in bathrooms; it is rare to see a bathtub made of wood instead of usual stone or marble. This is a very unique bathtub model for those who love to add a very original look to their bathrooms; Ocean Sailor is one of Sasso’s unique designs that we don’t find elsewhere and can really distinguish your bathroom . When you see this freestanding bathtub you would think it’s made of marble, but in fact it is made of a special kind of wood treated to not be spoiled by water and with a brilliant layer that makes it look exactly like marble. The bathtub is crafted by hand and its color is inspired by Zebra pattern: black with some white touches. With its oval shape it looks very elegant and stylish. The natural touch of wood gives us a good feeling, while the brilliant look of marble is adding more beauty to it. This freestanding bathtub is very suitable for any modern bathroom and it can match with all colors.

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