Modern Wooden Bathroom Designs

Inspired by the naturalness of the egg’s form, Antonio citterio designed the latest collection for Pozzi-Ginori, a subsidiary of Saintec, called Egg. The collection is characterized by the natural simplicity & beauty, which is reflected in the usage of natural wood in bathroom cabinets. Natural wood creates a beautiful and delightful look to the bathroom and gives it a comfortable & relaxing atmosphere. The collection consists of different designs of washbasins, cabinets with or without built-in sinks, toilets, bidets and mirrors. Washbasins are either hanging on the wall or over the cabinet; they are taking the elegant oval shape with glossy white lacquered finishes. Cabinets are made of natural wood with elegant metal handles and towel holders which give them a very delicate look; they are also practical as they have a large space inside for storage. Toilets and bidets have the same refine oval shape of the egg and the same glossy white lacquered finishes. The collection includes some beautiful and practical mirrors that have wooden frames with practical shelves. The bathroom furniture presented in this collection can fit with any space, it would be perfect for a modern style bathroom.

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