Multifunctional Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Because the more the interior space is limited, the more we need practical furniture; multifunctional furniture seems to be the best solution to optimize the small space, to get two functions in one piece and to save as much space as we can. If you are looking for the smartest and most practical multifunctional furniture models for small interior spaces, check these inspirational ideas out. One of the essential 2-in-1 furniture for small spaces is the sofa bed. This piece is an excellent choice for a studio, a small teen’s room, or even for the living room; a real practical piece that will serve day and night.

The headboard is also an element that can be turned into a multifunctional one; by equipping it with shelves to accommodate books and other stuff, the maximization of the space is successfully done. Partitioning and defining the interior spaces using furniture is a very intelligent idea because you will gain an additional space; for example, a dressing unit installed right behind the headboard separates the sleeping area from the dressing space while providing shelves and hangers for storage. Another brilliant idea is to use a metal trunk in which you can arrange pillows, duvet covers or blankets, and then drag and place it in the center of the living room as a nice coffee table; original, stylish and of course practical.

Inside the wardrobe, there’s a drawer that is turned into a desk once it’s pulled; that’s a smart idea! On top of this desk, you can install your laptop and begin working in tranquility, and when not in use, the drawer goes back to its place and the wardrobe doors close easily. For small kids’ room spaces, there’s now available many clever furniture that combines more than two functions in one unit; for example, a bed with a study desk and a closet. One of the traditional but still efficient ideas to get two functions from one piece of furniture is using the dining table as a work desk when it’s not time for dinner.

Furniture stores like IKEA, for example, offer a wide range of multifunctional furniture that helps optimize the space; for example, this coffee table from IKEA in which there are many holes to accommodate fruits, flowers, plant pots or other things is a very smart design.

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