Neon Accessory Trends for Women

Accessories in neon colors such as yellow, green, pink and orange are great to add a bit of edge and style to any outfit. The neon trend has been around for quite a while; however, most of us still love it. Therefore, we at Stylish Eve offer you this 2013 style guide for neon accessories. Why only accessories you ask? Well, when it comes to something as outspoken as neon, it’s best to limit yourself to some neon accents rather than a full neon outfit.

Bags are a great option to bring some neon into your closet; however, they might be quite an investment for something that is – when it comes down to it – just a trend. So think well before you make this investment; will you get enough wear out of it, won’t you get tired of it quickly? If you replied ‘yes’ to both questions, then by all means go buy a gorgeous neon bag and enjoy it to the max. However, if you answered ‘no’ to one or both questions, then it might be best to pass on the bag and opt for a different accessory.

Plenty of options and a bit friendlier on your wallet too. Pretty much all high street chains will offer a range of bracelets and necklaces in neon colors. Often they are embellished with rhinestones or studs, making them even more covetable. Especially with bracelets, it’s a huge trend to stack them up. For inspiration, why don’t you look up #armswag, #armcandy or #armparty on instagram or pinterest? You will find a seemingly endless list of pictures of people showing off their stacks of bracelets. Incidentally you will see that there’s nothing like a dash of neon to lighten up your stack of bracelets.

Not a big fan of jewellery? Then there’s one last way to incorporate some neon into your outfit. Simply paint your nails in a bright neon color and there you have it: spot on trend! While neon yellow is a good choice for bags and jewellery, it is not the best option for nail polish since it will take quite a few coats to actually cover your nail. Simply choose between green, pink and my personal favorite: orange.

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