New Kitchen Designs from Ixina

Are you looking for new kitchen designs that offer you the contemporary style while keeping on the practical side? Ixina kitchen designs will satisfy your needs; they are so stylish, so practical, and you can choose from a wide variety of models to find the perfect kitchen design that fits your home decorating style. Because the kitchen is before all a subject of implantation, Ixina offers furniture for all space configurations; L-shaped kitchens, with or without islands, etc., there is something for everyone.

At Ixina, the choice of colors in kitchen furniture is wide; you can go for pop colors for a colorful ambience as well as choose more neutral tones and associate them with wood touches in worktops and baseboards, for example. If you are looking for a family kitchen, opt for a model with revisited classic lines. For example, Ixina designs include kitchen cabinets with gentle relief in a bright white color sublimated by a wood worktop; the design is still in the contemporary style yet having a nice, friendly atmosphere. To add a minimalist touch to your kitchen, go for modern and sleek white furniture and combine it with stainless steel elements. Ixina offers a minimalist kitchen design with original cupboard facades which consist of several slats that provide an attractive graphic style.

Because the kitchen may also include a touch of femininity, you can opt for purple furniture that will boost the entire look. At Ixina, purple is associated with very modern lines and with white furniture for a more charming look. If you want a kitchen out of the ordinary, you can go for highly textured wooden furniture from Ixina mixed with cream furniture in very minimalist lines; the kitchen is very stylish with a unique character. Ixina also offers a kitchen design that is inspired by the world of professionals. The furniture is lacquered and reflects light; the worktops are huge, and the kitchen appliances are everywhere. That’s a kitchen of real chefs!

To go with the Scandinavian trend and its simple and functional designs, Ixina offers a practical model that combines white wooden furniture with light wood details; a very delightful kitchen for a refreshing ambience. To give an urban look to your kitchen, opt for a model from Ixina that takes the contemporary style inspired by the large cities, so you can focus on furniture that combines white with gray parts and stainless steel details.

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