Once-In-A-Lifetime Photo Took Weeks To Plan – It’s Amazing!

This amazing photograph of a man and camel silhouetted against an eclipse in the desert took more planning than a wedding, but the result is fantastic.

The photograph we are referring to is called the “Ring of Fire”, and there is no question that it is absolutely stunning. It was taken in the desert just outside Dubai in the UAE, and you would not believe how much effort the photographer, Joshua Cripps, put into ensuring that everything would be as close to perfect as possible.

Image Credit: Joshua Cripps

The idea of the photograph was spawned by an impending eclipse, but he wanted to include more than just the sun and the moon. He considered various locations, but the problem was that while the eclipse would be visible in many locations across the globe, only a few of them would have the sun at a sufficiently low angle. Hence why he opted for Dubai. The choice of additions was relatively simple as he wanted to include something that would be instantly recognizable and also be representative of the location. So, we have all the ingredients needed for a great photo – the sun, the moon, a camel and a farmer.

He then decided that he wanted a partial eclipse to encircle the man and his camel, which seems like a great idea, but how on earth do you get the two of them to be in the perfect spot for when the eclipse passed by? Careful planning involved what Cripps described as: “There’s a calculation for this called the rule of 100: take the size you want the sun to appear and multiply it by 100, and that gives you the shooting distance. So, to get a 3-meter sun, I needed to stand 300 meters (roughly 1,000feet) away from the camel.”

His final decision was to decide on the extent of the eclipse as while he wanted the farmer and camel to be silhouetted against the eclipse, he also wanted sufficient light to still radiate from the sun to create a flare effect.

Well. He got the “shot of a lifetime”, but in truth, the best photograph was one of 133 photographs he took over a period of three minutes, many of which we have included to show you the subtle differences between a good photograph, and an amazing one. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve included some other beautiful photographs he took of the desert when on location.


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