Outstanding Small Kitchen Designs

I know most of us now live in small apartments, and a small apartment means having a small kitchen. Designing your small kitchen can be totally challenging as you want to gather all necessary furniture and appliances in such confined space, that’s why you should design it in a smart way that makes it practical and inviting at the same time. We are presenting you in this post some outstanding small kitchen designs that will definitely inspire you to make the best design for your small kitchen. Practical furniture is a must; that’s why you should choose cabinetry with lots of drawers and shelves in order to store all you kitchen stuff without making a mess. One of the smartest solutions in case of a small kitchen is utilizing the walls since you don’t have a large floor area; add wall cabinets, wall shelves, and hangers to store all your stuff while saving space. Cabinets with spaces for built-in appliances are a must have because they save you a lot of space through adding your appliances within your cabinets and thus saving a big area.

Colors can play an important role on how your small kitchen can look. Using bright colors like white or beige is a perfect choice as it makes the kitchen seem spacious and inviting, while if you want a more edge and bold style, you can go for pop colors whether in the entire kitchen, or maybe through adding colored cabinetry or a colored backsplash. Using more than one color for every piece of furniture can be really smart, as the variation in colors gives a feel as if each piece of furniture is separated which makes everything more clear to the eyes, but this is only a great idea in case you love the idea of an extremely colorful kitchen. Make your kitchen in the material that you prefer, you can go for wood, metal, and you can even use a marble countertop which is a really chic and fancy choice. Always keep your countertop clean to give you good space that you can utilize. If space allows, you can incorporate a small dining set, or you can add some high chairs, for example, by your countertop so that its surface can serve as a dining table for quick tea or a small snack.

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